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The secret of Ooking & OTPP

EP 1.
The secret of OTPP

EP 2.
Meal with OTPP

Feel light in mind and
body with oolong tea

As we go about our lives, we all experience some days that are easy and some that are hard.

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But no matter what kind of day you’re having, taking a little break or doing something you enjoy can make it better—whether that means spending time with family and friends, or savoring good food and drinks.
At Suntory, we recognize the importance of these moments and are committed to supporting our customers in leading healthy, fulfilling lives.
With almost 40 years of experience developing ready-to-drink oolong tea, we continue to introduce innovations to help consumers enjoy leading healthy lifestyles with oolong tea on a daily basis.
The delightfully unique taste of oolong tea is refreshing and relaxing, while oolong tea polymerized polyphenols (OTPP), a natural component found in oolong tea, help to reduce fat absorption(*1), making you feel light in mind and body.
Enjoy oolong tea with OTPP benefits as part of your daily lifestyle! *1 R. Suzuki et al., 2018; A. Bumrungpert and R. Chongsuwat, 2015

NEW TRENDOTPP for everyday

Oolong tea brings a feeling of lightness in mind and body, with a taste and aroma that refresh the senses and OTPP to help the body feel light, too. Oolong tea frees us all to savor food at its most delicious without worrying about fat or grease.

Regularly drinking oolong tea containing OTPP with meals has been shown to have a number of health benefits, one of which is to help in reducing fat absorption.